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Robocop Remake brings a sharp and different reboot
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Some merchandise in celebration of a remake of The Abominable Snowman from Hammer in 2014...

British TV Series Remade For American TV

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I add reviews on all the movies receiving the copycat treatment. If a classic cult treasure looks set to be rebooted, it will be reported here.

So either prepare to spit at your screen or relax knowing it may be better the second time round....or the third time....or fourth....how many versions does it take??

Really, it does happen...

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Movie deals on Amazon for the US

Here are 4 rotating choices of movie remakes to buy on Amazon.com. The selection should be the popular sellers. Of course, that is debatable. For example, I feel I am one of the few people who liked Rob Zombie's Halloween. Shame. It wonderfully offered a psychological profile on Michael Myers. Spitting at the screen are you.... Okay moving on. usually the selection comprises horror remakes.

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As film buffs, we love the idea that those space guns, and little creatures, masks and other props can find a place in the home. It seems we continue to love buying posters and photo frames. All sorts of geeky stuff out there and there are some links below to a horde of movie memorabilia for you to salivate over.

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