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Worst Movie Remakes, What Do You Think Of These Top 10 Lists?

Many think remakes just erupted in the last few years yet they have spread across tinsel town for many decades. And there will be a lot of articles on that, you will be surprised at the films you hold dear – turning out to be a reboot.

Many satisfy, others make us want to spit at the box office clerk.

Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe just demand a refund.

Many of the top movie bloggers soaked up their time compiling what they viewed as incredible errors in filmmaking. But what do you think about these lists?

  1. The 10 Best and Worst Movie Remakes of All Time!

    What makes a best movie remake versus a worst movie remake is a matter of opinion. I personally judge a successful remake by its ability to strike a good balance between being faithful to the original and adapting the story to entertain modern audiences. With that in mind, I’ve come up with my list for the ten best remakes of all time.

  2. Top 10: Worst Movie Remakes

    Quite the accurate list, as ROR here reviewed many like these and many of these over the past few years as duds. Some excelled at being bad to the point of ignoring the calls of fans. The pursuit of excellence in filmmaking can lead to disaster and these certainly fell flat on their rebooting faces.

  3. Another Top 10 Worst Horror Movie Remakes Video

    This is one of those ‘may agree’ or ‘may not agree at all’ compilations as many have reasons to like or dislike these reboots.

  4. Top 10 List: Worst Movie Remakes
    This is one of those ‘Yep, hated that shit’ lists. All seemed hopeful back in the early 2000s for the horror genre but due to the need to resurrect material that previously worked, a horror script already written is easier to tackle – it seems – even if it shouldn’t happen or the uber fans cry out in despair. But, as the article asks,

What do you think?

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Will The Crow Remake Reach Us?

Cover of "The Crow (Miramax/Dimension Col...

Cover via Amazon

Seems plans to give us The Crow remake hits hurdles too often. For quite a while, film studios have tried to breathe new life into the story and make the reboot. The Crow movies remain popular. Despite mixed reviews on recent sequels, the fans stay true and definitely want more.

Movie remakes generally are getting a very mixed response at the moment. People devoted to the original found the Poltergeist movie remake boring, and the latest Fantastic Four remake soaks up the worst reviews for a multi-million dollar superhero movie.

Perhaps remakes are not a sure thing after all. The flip side is the ‘less of a gamble’ approach can revive lost profits and a sinking movie ship. This is where Relativity – so unfortunately – is at.

Hollywood Reporter spoke to the studio:

Reports emerged Friday that pre-production on the film in the U.K. had stalled. A source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that an entire production team had this week “left the project,” along with “several other” heads of department. Another insider added that a “statement would be forthcoming.”

Relativity is still hoping to go into production this fall, and a source at the company said “we continue to be excited by The Crow.” But whether the embattled company keeps hold of the title remains to be seen.

As a welshman, I hope it goes ahead. The movie will bring jobs and breathe new life into film productions in the country. The shooting will take place at the Pinewood studios in Cardiff.