Will The Crow Remake Reach Us?

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Seems plans to give us The Crow remake hits hurdles too often. For quite a while, film studios have tried to breathe new life into the story and make the reboot. The Crow movies remain popular. Despite mixed reviews on recent sequels, the fans stay true and definitely want more.

Movie remakes generally are getting a very mixed response at the moment. People devoted to the original found the Poltergeist movie remake boring, and the latest Fantastic Four remake soaks up the worst reviews for a multi-million dollar superhero movie.

Perhaps remakes are not a sure thing after all. The flip side is the ‘less of a gamble’ approach can revive lost profits and a sinking movie ship. This is where Relativity – so unfortunately – is at.

Hollywood Reporter spoke to the studio:

Reports emerged Friday that pre-production on the film in the U.K. had stalled. A source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that an entire production team had this week “left the project,” along with “several other” heads of department. Another insider added that a “statement would be forthcoming.”

Relativity is still hoping to go into production this fall, and a source at the company said “we continue to be excited by The Crow.” But whether the embattled company keeps hold of the title remains to be seen.

As a welshman, I hope it goes ahead. The movie will bring jobs and breathe new life into film productions in the country. The shooting will take place at the Pinewood studios in Cardiff.


Which Remakes of Films in 2015 Did You Prefer?


We came, we saw, we left the cinema – feeling either miffed or quite pleased. On various remakes of films in 2015, feelings mixed up a bit on how expectations either flopped or were met. Which ones did you like? Here is a small roundup.



Mad Max Fury Road

The hard action story set in apocalyptic OZ got a reboot with the great Tom Hardy at the helm reprising Mel Gibson’s revenge driven road outlaw. 30 years have passed and he even has the gorgeous Charlize Theron at his side, still a beauty even though she is essentially a rough chick, she looks good and gives Hardy a bad ass sidekick. CGI certainly explodes but I never felt like it was too much. And do bear in mind, many of the stunts were not CGI driven. They were impressive much like the car chases in Mad Max 2. For ROR, it was good to return to Max’s story and gain a new chapter.



A more lighthearted and as a result, disappointing reboot for fans of the original. Like some other remakes of films, what made this scary ride maintain credibility were the cast. ROR didn’t much care for the missing story mechanics present in the first – what happened to the deceitful realtor?? Or the pasty CGI which was neither scary nor convincing. Clearly, the director hoped to remake the scenes from the original that stick in our minds. The evil tree grabbing the boy for one but it was a CGI tree and just stood out as a digital piece of wood that way. Thankfully, the acting was far from wooden and we heard the famous line all over again: They’re Here! The original used a real-ish tree and perhaps there were moments in the remake where CGI should have been dumped. Not twice as scary, but entertaining enough.


Fantastic Four

About to hit the screens, the remake of the 2005 movie originally casting slightly older actors but now replaced by a much younger cast: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell. From what ROR has seen so far, quite impressive trailers. ROR will leave it to the comic book fans to comment on this one.


And remakes will continue, expect to see Point Break later this year, here’s the trailer

As long as they keep grossing millions like Godzilla last year, and Maleficent and Planet of the Apes, the reboots of what Hollywood deems as ‘safe bets’ will continue.



List Of Remake Movies Coming in 2015 and 2016

urban cowboy remake

Hollywood is not holding back on releasing reboot projects. Coming Soon and Hollywood Reporter have picked up on not just rumours but fledgling remake projects in motion.

The remakes of 2014 and into this year either screwed up faces by filling them with hate or simply just did not quite hit the original’s stance on the story. Examples include Robocop and Annie, and many want to place Godzilla in the bin. For me, the latter worked well. As did the Chloe remake.

Here are some current developments and ROR will cover more detail over the weeks ahead. This is just a sneaky updated list:

  • ‘Urban Cowboy’ Remake Ordered to Pilot at Fox. The network has ordered the modern remake to pilot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
  • Federico Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ to Get Remake.
    The family of Italian executive Federico Fellini has given the nod a remake of his simple movie “La Dolce Vita”.
  • ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Cast Update: David Kallaway Officially Boards Samurai Remake.
    David Kallaway now joins Denzel Washington (who, according to Coming Soon, took home an Oscar for Fuqua’s “Training Day”), and Chris Pratt.
  • Laurence Fishburne to Star in ‘Roots’ Remake for A+E Networks.
    Laurence Fishburne has been tapped to star in the remake of the 1977 series.
  • ‘Fatal Attraction’ Event Series in the Works at Fox
    Fox is developing a remake of 1987’s Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer movie Fatal Attraction, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.
  • ‘Secret in Their Eyes': Julia Roberts’ FBI Investigator Searches for Daughter’s Killer.
    The first trailer for Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray’s star-studded remake of Secret in Their Eyes debuted online.
  • Lifetime’s Next TV Movie: A Remake of ‘The Bad Seed’.
    The female-driven cable network has put into development a remake of William March’s novel The Bad Seed, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
  • Robert Zemeckis on ‘Back to the Future’ Remake: “Oh God, No”
    Hollywood’s current obsession with remakes won’t include Back to the Future, says director Robert Zemeckis, at least not while he’s alive.

More hitting screens over the year including The Crow and possibly – Starship Troopers rebooting.






Poltergeist Remake – Not All Scary, A Few Jumps

poltergeist remake

The 1982 original managed to give younger viewers as well as adults plenty of shocks and jolts, enough to fire up an interest in the genre. Rather than just ghosts banging doors, the original gave us demonic trees, pathways to hell and the scariest doll in history. Tobe Hooper’s direction kept us rigidly focused on each angle and primed us up well for the jumpy scenes.

A few spoilers here btw in case you are yet to watch the remake or the original.

I won’t say this lacked in the Poltergeist remake, I will say the remake fell short of the scares offered by the original. What really worked best – the cast. Rockwell and DeWitt shone as the baffled parents, and the children were also well cast.

The ye olde lines make a return such as young Madison played by the startlingly good Kennedi Clements. Certainly a young actress to watch for as she grows. She had the honor of repeating the famous line: They’re Here.

madison poltergeist remake

There were plenty of pivotal moments in the 1982 film which just failed to hit the mark in the Poltergeist remake. The CGI focus much to blame for that, a lack of being able to believe enough, that slip from realism often experienced with CGI. The claw shaped tree branch, a great horror idea but still – CGI. The closet light show was more that than a scary doorway to the other side. The dolls trumped here particularly when they move around and compensated for the not so convincing other CGI bits.

The back story felt a bit lost. We learn early on how the estate was built on a cemetery and that was that. No comeuppance for anyone like the greedy realtor in the original, just a family who chose the wrong home. The writers changed a number of areas such as the character names too.

Jared Harris always convinces in his roles. Never saw him as a bogus paranormal expert so I was pleasantly satisfied by his performance. he kind of carried the better back story to fall back on which connects well with the irony of his actions later on. As we learn how he faked his paranormal experience for a TV show (much like the Most Haunted and other crap), we also learn that he does actually possess plenty of knowledge on the paranormal which he bravely utilizes to save the family almost at great cost to his own life. Funny moments like how he boasted about a demonic attack left him almost without a leg only to learn later the cause was far less dramatic and more comedic.

Overall, an entertaining movie, just not as scary as hoped. But it is a PG-13 and for reasons that I understand.  I certainly would give it more of a thumbs up than the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes. It offers much to the growing teen audience interest over the years. I was only 13 when I experienced the original and this film too found a balance between an outright shock fest like The Conjuring and how the original offered a broader age appeal.

Evil Dead Remake on Blu-Ray

evil dead remake

There is no doubt that Sam Raimi just killed it – that simple with this flick. The original gave us a slice of horror unmatched by so many gore movies. The Evil Dead remake packed a similar punch taking a slightly different set of characters but not straying away from the shlock horror effects that made the original a masterpiece.

As with any horror remake, the uber fans do step in and find ways to degrade the remake idea. Have to admit to it myself. When I heard Halloween was being remade back in 2006, I was a mushroom cloud blowing mo’fucker as Samuel Jackson put it in Pulp Fiction. But, the realm of remakes exists and is an inevitable choice for the studios when they feel it is better to take a chance on a cult classic than some writer’s marvelous fresh story.

The good thing here, the evil dead remake really worked. All the gore, all the demons, some folks to chop up, cringe worthy scenes, everything that a horror fan wants. And right at the end, Bruce himself shows up, well, after the credits. Did you stay till that bit??

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